Modern Gods / by Sam Winston

The work originally formed part of a commission from the V&A Museum, London for their exhibition ‘Memory Palace’; based on a specifically written text by the author Hari Kunzru – multiple artists, illustrators and designers each worked on visualizing a section of his writing. 

The plates are acid etched letterpress plates made from zinc. The images are made up from thousands of typographic symbols taken from the periodic table. Taking its visual cues from religious artifacts such as Yantras and Thangkas - the project re-appropriates this sacred geometry to present moden day data sets in its place.  Each panel contains, roughly, the proportionate amounts of chemical symbols found in three iconic objects - a sim card, a watch and a book - which, the artist is suggesting, are our more modern artifacts of worship.

Continuing on from the V&A Memory Palace exhibition a set of Korean Jokja scrolls were produced as a extension of the project. These were accompanied by an artist book that charts the production of the work.