Drawing Breath

A durational work where a pencil line records the length of every exhalation. The length of each line marks the length of time it takes to exhale. These marks were recorded over a 15 hour day without break. [see film]

Artist statement –

the premise is deceptively simple - marking either an exhalation or inhalation with a pencil line - the length of the duration of a breath. Yet the cumulative effect of this action is a map that reveals a unique bridge between our unconscious and conscious functioning. It is also a refocusing of attention to our dependent relationship within the aerobic world.

This study informs a larger series of pieces with the working title of – drawing on drawing. The series looks at one of the oldest and most fundamental aspects of artist practice but instead of following a traditional route of the discipline – still life or figurative work - the series takes core practice components - mark making, the body, graphite and paper - and sees how, from within these tools, broader cultural and social impacts can be drawn out.

The short film was directed by Justin Stokes with music by Jamie Perera