Made Up True Story: The News and Snow White

The News and Snow White

Written and designed by Sam Winston.  Loose leaf folio/ book (prints 5 and 6 of 6). 84.1 x 59.4 cm/ 33 x 21.5 inches approx.  Text set in Times Roman and lithographic printed on (Neutral PH) 300gsm ink4warm paper.  Limited edition signed by the artist (2005). 

“Winston’s experiments came from looking at the structures of different types of literature: from storybooks to bus timetables: “The way you navigate a timetable is very different to the way you read a short story” he comments. “I wanted to take these different types of visual navigation and introduce them to each other: a timetable re-ordering all the words from beauty and the beast, or a newspaper report on Snow White.” By imposing the visual rules of one style of writing to a di erent system of organizing language, Winston has created a visually arresting and verbally intriguing piece.” 

Paula Carson, Graphic Poetry. June 2005

£250.00 Including Postage