Made Up True Story Prints

“Winston’s experiments came from looking at the structures of dif- ferent types of literature: from storybooks to bus timetables: “The way you navigate a timetable is very different to the way you read a short story” he comments. “I wanted to take these different types of visual navigation and introduce them to each other: a timetable re-ordering all the words from beauty and the beast, or a newspaper report on Snow White.” By imposing the visual rules of one style of writing to a di erent system of organizing language, Winston has created a visually arresting and verbally intriguing piece.” 
Paula Carson, Graphic Poetry. June 2005

Edition:        90
Size:            33" x 21.5" (841 x 594mm)
Paper:         300gsm Think4warm paper (PH neatural)
Print:           Offset lithography
Publisher:    Circle Press

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