Orphan Book

“Since 1999 I collated scraps of paper, diary notes and typed word document all pertaining to this one idea I was trying to express through a story

And when in 2010 I finally did reach a final draft, I also realised I had generated a history of documents that said something about the process of writing itself.

For Orphan I wanted to present both my final tale and show the archaeology of that writing process. By cutting out the words from my previous drafts I created clouds of text that I could use as the ‘typeface’ for my final draft. It is a book in which you have both the story and it’s history presented on the same page.

The second section is comprised of the previous drafts that didn’t make it into the final draft. The pages were printed onto a Japanese translucent paper.”

Edition:        24
Size:            29,5" x 11,8" (750 x 230mm)
Paper:          28gsm Tosa Washi paper
Print:           Digital Inkjet Print

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