7 days

A long durational studio work where the artist lived without sight for seven days and nights. Repeatedly transcribing five sentences the image created is without any visual reference.

Artist statement -

"The idea of going ‘under’ or without images fascinated me. I had read of yogis spending years in complete darkness and psychologists running light deprivation studies but for me the question was - what landscapes are available to the artist when they are only given an internal view for seven days?

Biologically speaking the absence of daylight triggers large hormone imbalances in the pineal glad located in the centre of the brain. This gland normally releases melatonin which is the hormone that regulates sleep - and with this out of balance - you will quickly find yourself operating outside of conventional time…

…what struck me though was how I relied on my sense of sight for a sense of body. Simple things like the bridge of my nose, or my arms, actually play a massive role in defining a sense of self and once these are out of the picture the very definition of ‘you’ significantly changes shape, so much so in fact, that when people came to drop off food, the sensation was much more akin to someone walking into my head as opposed to walking into the room… "