Sam Winston's practice is concerned with language both as a carrier of messages, but also as a form in and of itself. Initially known for his typography and artist books he employs a variety of different approaches, including drawing, data mapping and poetry.

A continuing theme is his exploration of the hidden narratives found in canonical bodies of text. Works such as Darwin's Origin of the Species or classic nineteenth century children's literature are often subject to data mining and cut and paste techniques, playfully revealing meta narratives and visual assumptions.

Other forms through which he achieves this are sculpture, collage and mark making. Winston is an advocate of concept-led, craft-based strategies as a means of learning. These element are often embodied in his participatory projects, seminars and lectures.

Winston has exhibited his work in museums and galleries around the world. Tate Britain, the British Library, the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., MoMA NYC and Stanford University, among many others, all hold his artists’ books in their permanent collections. He lives and works in London




Artwork, edition information and prices are available through the addresses below.

Email studio@samwinston.com
Twitter @samwinston_
Instagram @samwinston_

Telephone +44 (0)7970 984 414

Space studios – c/o Le Gun Studio
19 Warburton Road (buzz 3)
London, E8 3RT




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