7 Days

7 Days

7 days is a box set of 3 artist books and a folio of prints that doc­u­ments the artist Sam Win­ston liv­ing and cre­at­ing in absolute dark­ness for sev­en days and nights.

As a visu­al artist — i.e. some­one who makes things out of look­ing — the idea of going under’ or with­out images fas­ci­nat­ed me. What land­scapes are avail­able to the image mak­er and writer when they are only giv­en an inter­nal view for 168 hours.”

Sam Win­ston

Edi­tion: 80
Size: 12.512.5 (320320mm)
Paper: 100gsm Hahnemühle Fine Art Rice Paper
Print: Archival Inkjet Print


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