Orphan Book

Orphan Book

Since 1999 I col­lat­ed scraps of paper, diary notes and typed word doc­u­ment all per­tain­ing to this one idea I was try­ing to express through a story

And when in 2010 I final­ly did reach a final draft, I also realised I had gen­er­at­ed a his­to­ry of doc­u­ments that said some­thing about the process of writ­ing itself.

For Orphan I want­ed to present both my final tale and show the archae­ol­o­gy of that writ­ing process. By cut­ting out the words from my pre­vi­ous drafts I cre­at­ed clouds of text that I could use as the type­face’ for my final draft. It is a book in which you have both the sto­ry and it’s his­to­ry pre­sent­ed on the same page.

The sec­ond sec­tion is com­prised of the pre­vi­ous drafts that didn’t make it into the final draft. The pages were print­ed onto a Japan­ese translu­cent paper.”

Edi­tion: 24
Size: 29,5″ x 11,8″ (750230mm)
Paper: 28gsm Tosa Washi paper
Print: Dig­i­tal Inkjet Print

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